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Services Offered

A collaborative service that provides a safe curated space just for you. Consultation required. Sessions range from 16-53 mins. 

Relationship therapy helps to strengthen the couple's effective communication and problem-solving abilities. 

Healing the family bond by reducing triangulation, negative feedback loops, and other unhealthy dynamics. We use a strength-based approach. 

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy is a powerful approach to alleviating anxiety, depression, and traumatic stress. 

Understanding the why behind your experiences helps you make informed decisions about your health and lifestyle. This process requires a consultation, assessment appointment, and feedback session to discuss aftercare. 

This is a unique assessment that helps couples learn more about how they are functioning in their intimate relationships. 

To request an appointment for one of our services, click on the desired service(s) name above to send us a message.

All services are held via telehealth.

A secure and HIPAA-compliant video link will be emailed prior to your appointment. 

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