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Tisha Juggins, PsyD

Dr. Tisha Juggins, PsyD

      Dr. Tisha Juggins is the visionary and founder of Inspired Life Psychological Services. Dr. Juggins is a shero and an anomalous doctor in the field of psychology. She has grit and an immense passion for breaking generational cycles and trauma by not conforming to society's dated standards. She has been an integral part of the mental health field for nearly a decade and stands firm in being an advocate for underprivileged and marginalized individuals. Dr. Juggins is an advocate of human rights and mental health within diverse, and poverty-stricken communities. She advocates through transparency and educating others about the complexity of mental wellness. Dr. Juggins' focus is to guide others and encourage them to create and build their own autonomy and sense of self. During her professional years,  she has served in several medical and mental health settings, such as skilled nursing facilities; wherein, she worked closely with hospice professionals to provide grief and bereavement services. She also served her community by facilitating intensive in-home services and mental health skill-building services through local agencies in the area. Due to her strong desire to help others, she provided this service to children and families while collaborating with court services, social services, foster care providers, and other community/agency partners. Dr. Juggins also resided on Hickam Air Force Base in Honolulu, Hawaii, and worked in Kaneohe Bay, where she gained military knowledge and experience. She continues her work with veterans and government officials here in Virginia. Dr. Juggins is also a proud parent of an Air Force Veteran. 
     Currently, Dr. Juggins is a post-doctoral resident in clinical psychology. She is a member of the Virginia Academy of Clinical Psychologists (VACP) and the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI). Her most recent educational activities included writing the following published articles: Preventing Teenage Pregnancy: The Cognitive Behavioral Focus versus Contraception and Racial Disparities: Factors Impacting Mental Health Treatment for African Americans. Dr. Juggins is a trauma-informed clinician and utilizes an integrative approach to treatment. She facilitates parenting services such as co-parenting therapy and parenting coordination services. She is well-trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and one of the few clinicians trained in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) Therapy by an EMDRIA-certified clinician. Her favorite pastime is spending time with family and friends on the beach and traveling. 
A friendly message from Dr. Juggins: 
     Treat therapy as self-care and a resource for growth and healing. There is no right or wrong approach to healing. Fun fact about me: I do not like using the word "disorder."  Not everything is a mental illness. If you were ever diagnosed with a "disorder", remember, you are functioning with challenges but you are not "disordered." I have an immense passion for helping my clients and I look forward to walking with you on your healing journey.    
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